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March & mercury Europe - circles industrial and commercial of officers and officers of Reserve - international coordination Commission

Shortly after the First World War, former officers and reserve officers wish to maintain contacts on a frequent basis, in Belgium and abroad, between men decided to apply in their business relations the spirit of uprightness and mutual respect learned under the weapons. They wished to place their competences and relations at the disposal of all.
After the Second World War, circles with the same ideology have been created in France (1958) and Germany (1959).

In 1960, the German, Belgian and the French circles signed a convention establishing the "Commission of Connection Inter-States Mars and Mercurius" (CLIMM).
The finality of this Commission was to support, througth the national Mars and Mercurius circles, the establishment of close cooperation bonds with the aim of studying any question and to releasing means likely to increase the effectiveness of their action and to contribute to the expansion of members professional activities at international level.

Therefore, other Circles have been created which join the CLIMM, in particular the Netherlands in 1960 and Denmark in 1975.
In 1991 the CLIMM becomes Mars and Mercurius - Europe, which wants to be a inter-states co-ordinating committee.

If Defense has its own frontiers, the business world does not have any, and we hope to make Mars and Mercurius a privileged place where all could also talk about business.

Today Mars and Mercurius Europe incorporates the following national circles.

March & mercury in Europe